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50th Anniversary Albums Collection

It’s staggering that so many critically acclaimed albums were released in a single year. For every one of the artists who released classic albums in 1970, we’ve carefully selected our favourite image of them, and we hope you enjoy our selection.


It was a very influential year in the music world.  Jimi Hendrix released the classic ‘Band of Gypsys’ only a short time before we lost  him to the “27 club” of young stars taken from us before their time.  We lost Janis Joplin the same way. 


The Beatles released  ‘Let It Be’, but also broke the hearts of music fans around the world as they announced that they were splitting up, and in fact each of The Beatles - with the exception of George Harrison - released their own solo albums in 1970 - Paul McCartney released  ‘McCartney’, John Lennon released ‘John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band’, Ringo Starr released ‘Sentimental Journey’.

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