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Studebaker® Collection

“Different by Design”

This was Studebaker®​’s motto. Studebaker®​ always dared to be different. Always ahead of its time, it offered truly original, radical designs that nobody had seen before.

Founded in 1852 in South Bend Indiana, the company led more than a century of technological progress. By 1910 Studebaker®​ was the largest manufacturer of wheeled vehicles in the world.

Studebaker®​ has always been about strong personal choices. Marilyn Monroe, Alice Cooper, Freddie Mercury and Ian Fleming have all owned Studebaker®​’s.

An Authentic American Legend.


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Framed Art Prints

Geoff Ombao Originals

Geoff has worked with The Walt Disney Company, Time Warner, and his art is displayed in auto museums. Geoff has garnered numerous awards for his graphic design work.

Geoff has degrees from School of Visual Arts, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Transportation Design from Art Center College of Design.