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Vimto ®

Vimto is a soft drink that has it all. Way back in Edwardian Manchester (1908 to be precise), John Noel Nichols created the drink we all know and love. 

Originally created as a herbal tonic, the special combination of fruits, herbs and spices was first known as Vimtonic and was created as a healthy pick me up tonic, giving the consumer “vim” (energy, enthusiasm) and “vigour” (strength and power). The new tonic was one of a number of products Nichols would deliver to smaller outlets, cafés and temperance bars. The distinct herbs and spices that contribute to the secret recipe were sourced from around the world and as Vimto’s popularity grew overseas, the Nichols group began developing an export market. 

John Noel Nichols would have been proud to see how far his barrel of delicious elixir has rolled.

Vimto ® used under licence from Nichols plc, WA12 0HH, UK, owner of the registered trademark Vimto ®